I have been training dogs since 1995. When I started out, I had one goal in mind: to teach dogs to be obedient, fun, happy, and loving family members. 

My rules are basic: 

  1. Don't bite
  2. Don't go to the bathroom in the house
  3. Come when I call

The rest is up to you.

We offer at-home instruction in basic obedience, off leash training and behavior modification. Dogs are pack animals (meaning they live together in groups) and social animals (meaning they have a complex hierarchical structure). This is where you come in. You and your family are the pack. You have to become the leader of the pack. That's where I come in. 

I teach you how to be a strong, fair and loving leader. Dogs learn by repetition together with positive and negative reinforcement.

High Five

There is no "dog whispering," pet psychic or E-touch (electronic shock collar) mystery here.Your dog will learn to perform on the first command and to maintain that command until you give a new command. It's that simple!

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